About Me

Picture of MeHi There! I’m Lindsey. When I was a kid one of my favourite things to do was jump on my trampoline. I would spend hours bouncing high into the sky, doing somersaults and flips and trying to get as much air as I could. I also used to enjoy looking into my neighbour’s backyard everytime I jumped higher than the fence and saying hello to their dog Daisy!

Trampolines can bring such joy to a kid’s life, and they also double up as great exercise. However, they can also be a bit dangerous. As time has gone on, manufacturers have improved on the safety features of trampolines. Luckily I never got hurt, but I know some people who did! The quality of materials and the overall performance of trampolines has also improved over the years.

I’m a bit older now and am hoping to have kids soon. I created this website to help adults, particularly parents, find the right trampoline so that their kids can have just as much fun as I did growing up. You can read about the best (and safest) trampolines in my review of the best brands by clicking here.

But trampolines definitely don’t have to be just for kids! There are a range of heavy duty trampolines for adults that can help you return to your childhood. They’re also great stress relievers! Check out the review article here.

I hope my site helps you choose the right trampoline so that you and you family can have many happy years bouncing around together 🙂