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Oval Trampolines

Oval trampolines haven’t always been as popular as they are now. The first modern trampoline was rectangle, and originally built as training aids for astronauts and athletes.

One distinct disadvantage rectangle trampolines, however, is the inconsistent bounce between the center and the sides of the trampoline.

Round trampolines are the most popular and are the shape most commonly associated with trampolines. They give a solid and consistent bounce but are ideal for single jumpers only.

It was inevitable then that a hybrid of the 2 trampoline shapes was finally introduced into the mainstream: oval trampolines.

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Rectangle Trampoline Reviews

Why should you choose a rectangle trampoline instead of say, a round one? In this review article we’re going to discuss the advantages of owning a rectangle trampoline, and review the best ones available on the market so that you can be happy with your trampoline for many years to come.

Advantages of a Rectangle Trampoline

Rectangle trampolines are usually the standard used in gymnastics training and competitions. There are several reasons for this:

  • Even Bounce Over The Entire Surface
    Rectangular trampolines provide the most even bounce over their entire surface. This means a safer bounce with more control for children and adults alike. For gymnastics students, rectangular trampolines are great for learning and practising on a trampoline similar to those used in competitions.
  • Deeper, Softer Bounce
    A rectangle trampoline also offers a deeper bounce and is more gentle on body joints. This means everyone in the family, from five years old to 50 years, can have fun on a rectangular trampoline!
  • Higher Bounce
    This, of course, promises epic fun and fancy moves in midair if your rectangular trampoline is for private home use. If it’s used as a training trampoline, a higher bounce means greater opportunity for students to master and perfect challenging flips, somersaults and moves. Continue reading

Square Trampoline Reviews

square trampolineA square trampoline is an in-demand items that bring smiles and excitement to the faces of families around the world. It’s not uncommon for the consumer purchasing the trampoline to return to fond memories of their own trampoline as a child.

Of course, this doesn’t meant that children are the only family members who enjoy bouncing around outdoors. Teenagers may take to the trampoline for more practical reasons if involved in gymnastics, and adults enjoy the aerobic benefits and stress relief offered by the trampoline.

Using a trampoline can also become a social gathering. It brings together friends and family members looking to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as they show off their jumping skills and tricks on the trampoline. Who can jump the highest? Who can do the coolest trick? These questions often arise and are met with fun responses and playing that can last for hours. At a children’s birthday party, the importance of a trampoline is made especially clear. Young ones flock to the trampoline and once they begin jumping, it’s no easy task to divert their attention from the magical jumping pad.

It’s interesting to note that beyond every bounce, most people do not stop to consider the important details of what makes a trampoline so special. As an intricate piece of equipment, it has been constructed according to guidelines that are meant to provide the best of safety and endurance. Likewise, the shape of the trampoline is also of major importance.

Most trampolines will be square or round in shape and there are various benefits to each. For many, the square trampolines are the best selection because they allow for more jumping room without taking up additional space in the yard and can support a good bit of weight. On square trampolines, there is at least 20% more space to jump, creating more room for fun and delight.

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