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6ft Trampoline

A 6ft trampoline is one of the smallest sized trampolines available for purchase. This trampoline is perfect for families with young children, who might be purchasing a trampoline for the first time. It also suits families that have a small backyard or who are restricted on space. 6ft trampolines provide the perfect stepping stone for children to become comfortable and familiar with trampolines before progressing onto a larger size. In this article we’re going to discuss the many benefits of 6ft trampolines and provide reviews of our favourite models available for purchase today! Continue reading

8ft Trampoline Reviews

An 8ft trampoline is a great investment for a number of reasons. For a start, it’s the perfect in between size – not quite a full sized trampoline, and not quite a mini child’s trampoline. A lot of households don’t have a large backyard, which can be a huge disadvantage when thinking about purchasing a trampoline.

On one hand, you want a trampoline that’s big enough to be safe and enjoyable for the whole family, but on the other hand, you still need room in your backyard for other activities. An 8ft trampoline is the perfect size to fit into most backyards without compromising on space, safety or fun.

Are 8ft Trampolines Safe?

8ft trampolines are just as safe as any other size or shaped trampoline. They generally can support one adult or two children jumping at any one time, which means they’re perfect for any sized family. Most 8ft trampolines come with safety enclosures and padding over the springs to prevent anyone falling off or hurting themselves. Continue reading

16ft Trampoline

16ft trampolines are the best sized trampolines for large families or adults who all want to have fun at once. They’re spacious, safe and offer a super high bounce. Not only that, but trampolining is a great form of exercise and can help de-stress and re-energize after a long day.

Before we get into our reviews of the best 16ft trampolines on the market though, let’s discuss why you should choose a 16ft trampoline and what to look for when buying one.  

Why Choose a 16ft Trampoline?

Choosing the right size trampoline for your family can be quite tricky and confusing at the same time. If you want a trampoline that can hold many jumpers at the same time, or if you want one that can accommodate your kids from when they are 5 years old up to their teens, and you have the means and the space for it, a 16ft trampoline will be a sound investment for family fun and recreation.

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10ft Trampoline Reviews

Welcome to our review of the best 10ft trampolines on the market. Before we dive into our top picks, let’s find out what makes a 10ft trampoline such a great buy.

Bouncing on a trampoline is a great form of exercise. It develops rhythm, balance, timing, and agility plus it is a ridiculously fun activity for the young and the young at heart. It is a delightful way to coax children to go outdoors to burn off all their energy and get them away from their computers, tablets or phones for a while.

Adults can reap equally important benefits like improved cardiovascular health and lymphatic circulation that promote an increased sense of all-around well-being. And it has been proven to be a very effective way to lose weight! Read more about trampolines for adults.

Choosing the best 10ft trampoline, however, requires much research and study. It may be the most expensive or the cheapest, or the ones in the middle bracket, but one thing you should be sure of is its quality and durability for all those bouncing fun you and your family will enjoy.

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