in-ground trampolines

In-Ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are a great alternative to standard above-ground trampolines. They’ve gained popularity recently because they’re safe, easy to play on and just as fun as normal trampolines.

But how do you know what to look for, or even which in-ground trampoline to buy? We’re going to discuss the pros and cons of in-ground trampolines in this article. We’re also going to review the best in-ground trampolines on the market so you can find the right one for your backyard and your family.

Benefits of an In-Ground Trampoline

As the name suggests, in-ground trampolines are built by digging deep into the ground as opposed to above ground ones that stand on legs. There are no clear-cut reasons to choose one over the other, but here are a few benefits of the in-ground kind that you may want to consider:


They do look better than the above ground ones. In-ground trampolines flow and blend with the natural landscape of your yard, and blend seamlessly with any ground covering. Plus they don’t block any views you may have


In-ground trampolines aren’t factually safer than those above-ground. The purpose of a trampoline is to launch yourself in the air, so whether the trampoline is above or under the ground, the risks are the same. But with in-ground, you don’t have to worry about hitting the metal frame of above ground ones.

Furthermore, you no longer need ladders to get up on the trampoline. This minimizes the risk of injury particularly for small children, who may struggle to climb onto above-ground trampolines.

There is also no chance that children or pets can run into the trampoline and hurt themselves as they can simply step onto it.


Since they are installed in the ground, you don’t have to worry about strong winds blowing them away. You can place lounge chairs and tables around it or decorate it with flower pots or place them beside a pool for a more enjoyable experience.

Are In-Ground Trampolines Safe?

adult bouncing on in ground trampoline

In the battle of above vs in-ground trampolines, which is safer? As mentioned above, both trampolines carry risks of injury as with all games and sports. But as in-ground trampolines are closer to the ground than the above ground option, the falling distance with in-ground is less.

Often, in-ground trampolines are surrounded by grass, the soft surface of which could lessen the impact of a fall. It’s always highly recommended to place safety nets around your trampoline, in-ground or above ground. But with in-ground, the height factor is less which gives it a significant advantage over above ground models.

With its foundation secured safely in the ground, you won’t suffer from injuries caused by the trampoline tipping over. In addition, there is no space underneath that children could go into and be bounced on. There’s no room for them to put bikes or toys that could harm them once they jump in the trampoline.

Some in-ground trampolines are built a few centimeters off the ground while there are those that are simply built at ground level. Whatever you choose, the need for a step or a ladder is totally eliminated.  You or your child can easily access the trampoline surface without the risk of falling from the steps.

How to Install an In-Ground Trampoline

In-ground trampolines are surprisingly easy to install. If you want to save a bit of money and have a go at installing it yourself, here are the steps you need to follow:Install in-ground trampolines

Step 1: Choose and Purchase Your Trampoline

Get a trampoline that is specifically designed for in-ground use. We have reviews of the best in-ground trampolines below to help you with your purchase.

Step 2: Select the Place in Your Yard

In-ground trampolines aren’t mobile so choose where you want to place it wisely. Make sure that there are no pipes or power lines underneath. Also, check that there aren’t trees or hanging lines overhead that could get in the way.

Step 3: Dig the Hole

Measure the trampoline then put markings on the spot where you want it to go. You can either use a shovel or hire a mechanical digger. Now, dig your hole making sure that it is level, deep, and wide enough for your trampoline. Refer to the manual of your trampoline for further instructions.

Step 4: Reinforce It

Get the hole trampoline-ready by reinforcing it with either metal or wood and some self-tapping screws. This is to ensure that the soil won’t cave in. Some in-ground trampolines come with the reinforcing framework included, so there is no need to purchase it yourself.

Step 5: Add a Drainage System

Use flexible piping to allow for water drainage and air ventilation for your trampoline. Get it running from the pit up to the surface. This is important to prevent moisture corroding the framework of the trampoline, or harmful mold collecting underneath it.

Step 6: Place Your Trampoline

Place the trampoline in the hole with the help of a friend or a family member. With the dirt you excavated from the hole, pack the trampoline, making sure that it is level and secure.

Step 7: Add the Trampoline Mat

Place the frame on the edge of the hole and lay the trampoline mat on top, making sure that the springs are thoroughly covered. Fill the edges of the hole with some dirt and grass. For additional safety precautions, install netting around the trampoline. If in doubt, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Our Top In-Ground Trampolines

Here are a few of the in-ground trampolines we found that we love, so if you’re on the market for one, we recommend you check these out:

Product Image
Product Name
Avyna Pro Line In-Ground Trampoline
Plum Square In-Ground Trampoline
Standard In-Ground Trampoline
In-Ground Trampoline Stainless Steel Upgrade
14 ft
11 ft
12 ft or 15 ft
12 ft or 15 ft
Price Point
Full Review
Read Full Review Here
Read Full Review Here
Read Full Review Here
Read Full Review Here

Berg In-Ground Trampoline Oval 17ft with Safety Enclosure Net Deluxe

submerged trampolines

This Berg In-Ground Trampoline is very easy to install, you can do it yourself even without the help of a friend and you can finish it in a day as it needs only minimal soil removal. It has a simple design that blends well with your backyard. The steel tubes and frames are not visible once installed.

It has a safety pad that is weather–resistant because of its closed cell foam construction. It comes with a mesh-coated PVC cover and is mounted using high-quality fasteners. You’ll also love the lifetime guarantee that they’re offering for that extra peace of mind.

Its galvanized springs can support weights of up to 331 pounds. It has no frames that are in contact with the soil so there is very minimal deterioration.

BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 11ft with Safety Enclosure

underground trampoline

The 11ft BERG In-Ground Trampoline is designed to blend smoothly into your backyard so the need for an enclosure is eliminated. If you want a trampoline but don’t want to compromise the design of your yard, this is the one for you. It doesn’t obstruct the natural views of your backyard, you simply walk on or off, no need for steps or ladders.

Its steel frames are galvanized inside and out for maximum durability and performance. It is equipped with dark green safety pads on the springs so you don’t have to worry about fingers getting caught in them. It also comes with a protective cover to shield it from the elements.

This trampoline is great for garden corners and courtyards as it’s square shape fits flush with surrounding fencing.

In-Ground Trampolines Stainless Steel Upgrade

ground level trampoline

This trampoline uses heavy-duty frames made of 14 gauge steel tubing supported by 18 gauge steel wall panels. All the steel in this trampoline is galvanized and coated with a layer of zinc for extra strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. It is designed to create airflow for a better bounce and less water collection in the pit. This trampoline’s sturdy, heavy duty build makes it our pick for the best in-ground trampoline for adults!

The manufacturer boasts of having the most number of springs in a trampoline. Its jump surface is made of vinyl that is UV resistant and offers 20 times better airflow than other surfaces in its category. It has safety pads that stay in position however you jump on it. This is a good choice but its somewhat difficult installation may be a deterrent.


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