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Children jumping on first trampolineMy First Trampoline is a great way to introduce your kids to exercise. Jumping on a My First Trampoline provides a host of benefits for toddlers that they can carry all throughout their childhood and well into adulthood.

In fact, you can often find your 2-year old jumping on your couch or on the bed, with you either following him around, unable to do anything in the house, or else almost fainting with fear every 2 seconds.

If that is the case, you might as well let your toddler have jumping sessions on an equipment that is safe and protected while giving unlimited jumping fun and valuable physical activity at the same time.

My First Trampoline Weight Limit

A trampoline’s weight limit is incredibly crucial to its performance as well as safety. It is dependent on the springs, jumping pads, frames, and the size of the trampoline.

A general idea for the weight limit would be thus:

  • A 12-foot trampoline has a weight limit of 250-350 pounds.
  • A 14-foot trampoline can hold weight up to 300 pounds, and
  • A trampoline of 15 to 16 feet can support weight up to 400 pounds.

The shape of the trampoline can sometimes influence its weight limit to a certain extent. Rectangular trampolines have been known to bear more weight than circular ones.

It has also been proven that the more expensive high-quality brands clearly indicate their weight limit, so you do not have to indulge in guesswork like you would if you opt for the cheaper brands. More expensive, however, does not necessarily mean better. The best first trampoline for your child will be the product of your thorough research and inquiries.

Choosing a trampoline that will suit your needs will be a breeze if you are armed with the right knowledge about all its specifications. Safety should come first at all times. When you see them giggling with joy as they jump and bounce on a trampoline, safe and secure, you know you are on the right track.

How To Assemble My First Trampoline

Assembling your child’s first trampoline may look quite complicated but can be as easy as 1-2-3. The first thing you should do is arm yourself with lots of patience. Dedicate at least 2-3 hours of your time on the project. Next, as hard as it may seem, try to assemble it with no distractions of kids running around you as you work.

The extra effort and time that you will take in the assembly can make a world of difference in the safety and durability of your brand-new trampoline.

Read the assembly instructions thoroughly and carefully. This step cannot be emphasized enough. Diagrams of each part and an illustrated step-by-step how-to are usually found in the instruction manual.

Take all the parts out of the box and lay them out on the ground. Check to see if all of the parts are there. Also, most trampolines are now sold with the tools needed to assemble it included in the package.

Assemble the legs, making sure all of the holes are evenly lined up.

Attach the trampoline frame to the legs by screwing them.

Next up, unroll the jumping mat and make sure the warning label is facing up. Attach the protective mesh to each connection, then start connecting each spring to the frame.

Use a rubber mallet to put the springs in as the mat gets tighter. Wear protective gloves when attaching the springs. As the spring tightens, there may be a chance your skin would get caught in between. Wearing gloves will prevent that.

Attach the protector over the springs, put the safety foam over the wall frame, and connect the mesh wall to the frame.

The final step? Call the kids and have them enjoy their brand-new trampoline!

Still undecided about the perfect trampoline? Here are 3 of the most popular choices for your consideration:

Bounce Pro First Trampoline

This My First Trampoline is made for toddlers and kids ages 3 to 10 and has a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds.

This starter trampoline is roomy, bouncy, and well-padded. The enclosure net, spring cover, and foam padding provide significant protection from bumps and bruises, and the hexagonal mat gives young jumpers just the right amount of bounce.

The galvanized steel frame is rust-proof, and so are the 3.5″ big metal springs. The net and jumping mat are both UV-resistant, making this trampoline perfect for outdoor use.

This trampoline has a U-leg construction for extra stability. They are not made of rust-resistant galvanized steel, but of extra-durable plastic which will not scratch your floor but is thick enough to keep the entire trampoline in one place during heavy-duty jumping sessions.

The enclosure surrounds the entire jumping mat, and your child can enter the enclosure through the opening, which opens and closes with a zipper to prevent your kid from falling out and provide easier access at the same time. It has a three-arch construction that allows parents to see their kids and watch them play from any angle.

Although all parts of this trampoline are made with materials rigid enough to withstand years of use, you do not have to worry that your kid will get hurt on the frame or the poles. Every inch of it is covered with protective foam that is soft and safe for your children.

The trampoline, when assembled, weighs only 80 pounds, making it easy to transfer from one place to another. It comes in a combination of blue, green, yellow, and black colors.

Bouncepro My First Trampoline’s best feature? It is designed with the safety of your children in mind. It meets all expectations of the American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials safety standards. You can rest assured that your children are safe and happy should you decide to get this one-of-a-kind trampoline.

Sportspower My First Trampoline

Sportspower My First Trampoline









The Sportspower My First Trampoline is a heavy-duty model designed for kids aged 3 years and above. It has a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs, which is quite hefty, so your kid will be able to use this until he or she reaches age 7 or 8.

All the outstanding features of the Sportspower line of trampolines can be found in this model:

  • The heavy-duty yet lightweightrust-resistant galvanized steel frame provides a sturdy base for the jumping mat.
  • The 36 5.5” springs evenly distributed around the edge of the jumping mat gives superior bouncing strength.
  • The net enclosure and jumping mat are made of high-quality materials that are UV-resistant.
  • The netting allows a 360-degree view of the trampoline providing unrestricted visibility. It is also attached securely to poles padded for extra protection.

What makes the Sportspower My First Trampoline stand out against the competition? Check this out:

  • It is hexagonal in shape, which somehow gives more stability to the structure.
  • Its low-to-the-ground design allows easy access to kids, no need to purchase a ladder.
  • The trampoline sits on 6 legs, each attached to the corner of the hexagonal frame. Each leg is made from the same galvanized steel as the frame and is covered with extra thick light green round plastic tubes.

These features give this trampoline superior stability during jumping and prevent any structural twisting of the entire trampoline. Kids can even throw themselves against the netting, and the trampoline will not tip over.

Assembly is not quite as easy and can be very challenging. All tools needed for the set-up are included, but it still needs at least 2 people to do it. The instructions may be a little hard to follow, but then, once assembled, all your efforts will reward you with hours and hours of jumping fun!

Bounce Pro My First Jump and Swing

The Bounce Pro Jump and Swing Trampoline is made with fun and safety in mind, combining 2 fun activities–swinging and bouncing, into one play equipment that has been manufactured to exceed ASTM USA safety standards.

The frame is made from high-quality rust-resistant galvanized steel and sits on 3 blow-molded plastic legs for durability and stability. The jumping mat and steel springs provide superior bouncing action.

The safety enclosure is made with PE netting attached to 3 strong steel arches with a zippered entrance area, ensuring that your kids will not fall off yet providing easy access into the trampoline.

The poles are padded for extra protection and safety, and each pole has its own pole cap to secure the padding.

The jumping mat and netting are UV-resistant, and, together with the rust-resistant frame and the lightweight design that makes it very easy to move, renders this trampoline model perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The attached swing set doubles the fun and is made from the same durable blow-molded plastic as the trampoline legs.

This trampoline and swing set is designed for children aged 3 to 10 years and has a maximum weight limit of up to 100 lbs.

The green and blue color scheme and the printed jumping mat make it quite attractive and pleasing to the eye.

The assembly kit, instruction manual, and spring loading tool for easier product setup are included. Most reviews, however, give a thumbs-down on the assembly process as it is quite tricky. Some even had to hire a professional to do it.

But, after the initial difficulties were hurdled, majority raved about the performance of this product. There were still a few who complained, but only because they can’t seem to take their kids away from it!

The Bounce Pro Jump and Swing Trampoline Trampoline and Swing combination is a perfect playset for your active little toddlers, giving them loads of fun and heaps of exercise all in one go.


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