Trampoline Repair Kit

A trampoline repair kit is a must for any family who owns a trampoline. Over time, every trampoline will incur some wear and tear from years of jumping, being exposed to the weather outdoors, and general ageing.

This is normal and happens to everything we own. But it’s important to be prepared when it does happen, and that’s where a trampoline repair kit comes in handy.

Why Purchase A Trampoline Repair Kit?

Good quality trampoline mats should last at least 5 years, however they do get holes from time to time. When this happens, it’s important to patch the holes quickly.

If you don’t, the mat around the hole can fray and get bigger, particularly if the trampoline is still being used. This can then make the mat more likely to tear, which becomes a big safety issue for anyone jumping on it.

In addition, the saying “A stitch in time saves nine” is very applicable here – a smaller hole is much easier to patch than a larger one!

Patching a hole the moment you see it could save you from having to fix a much larger one in the future, or possibly having to replace the entire mat if the hole turns into a tear. Replacing the entire mat is much more effort, not to mention much more expensive, so we highly recommend patching any holes as soon as possible.

But what do you use to repair your trampoline? Read on to learn about our top 3 best trampoline repair kits and why we recommend them.

Tear Aid Fabric Repair Kit

tear aid fabric repair kit

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Tear aid is a fantastic alternative to a fabric and glue kit. The patches themselves come with a sticky backing that you can adhere directly onto the hole without sewing, glue or mess. The patches are semi- transparent so you won’t notice it on your trampoline mat, and UV resistant to prevent weathering or yellowing from the outdoor elements.

The kit comes with a number of different sized patches that can be cut to fit any hole. It also comes with easy to follow instructions, reinforcing filaments and 2 alcohol swabs to clean the area before you apply the patch. The patches themselves are made of a tough, elastic, puncture resistant material that will move with your trampoline mat.

Tear Aid Fabric Repair is highly effective in repairing trampoline mats, and we found that they were long lasting and withstood the pressures of jumping for many months after we applied them.

The bonus is that these patches work on a number of different materials, so if you own a trampoline that needs repairing but also go camping, hiking or fishing often, investing in this product could also help you in repairing other tears and holes!

Patch Bond Trampoline Mat Repair Kit

patch bond trampoline repair kit

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This Patch Bond trampoline repair kit comes with a large 8×8 inch fabric patch, a 2 once bottle of glue, an application brush and easy to follow instructions.

The fabric patch is large enough for you to cut lots of small patches out of it, making it perfect for a trampoline mat with lots of holes. It’s also diagonally cut and made of trampoline permatron material, so you’ll be patching your holes with a high quality material that matches the mat.

The glue is Formula X Marine Water Proof Glue, which is designed to withstand the stretching and pulling of a trampoline mat when it’s used. The glue is also waterproof, making it perfect for repelling water when it rains and ensuring the patch remains permanently fixed to your trampoline mat.

We’ve found that this trampoline repair kit is particularly robust and the patch holds well to the mat. The only factor to consider is that the patch needs to overlap the mat by 2 inches all the way around, which means an 8×8 inch patch might not be enough if your trampoline has a hole larger than 6 inches.

Better Grade Trampoline Repair Kit

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Better Grade are known for their quality, durable products and their trampoline repair kit is no exception.

In this kit you will receive a 15g tube of flexible repair adhesive and 2 TUFF tape repair patches which are 3 inches in diameter.

To use this product, first apply the patch on the underside of the tear, and then apply a generous amount of the adhesive over the hole. Over the next 12 hours, the adhesive will cure over the hole and form a strong, flexible, permanent patch that will prevent any further fraying or tearing.

The Better Grade trampoline repair kit is great quality and super easy to use. We found that the size of the patches were comparatively small though, so this patch is best for mats that have a few small holes rather than a big one.

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